19 Cowardly Lion

by admin on October 27, 2011

Samuel pulled Charles aside.  “You need to call Laura now and fill her in on all that has happened here” he said.  Charles looked at his father in dismay.  “You do realize we’re both going to catch Hell for not letting her in on this sooner”.  “Yes, I do, but I’m just a kindly old man and she’ll forgive me quicker than you”.  Charles tried to protest further but he knew he wasn’t going to win this one.  He had twenty minutes to make the call.

Hurrying down to the station master’s office he found Will Jennings behind his desk.  “Hello, Charles, nice to see you again” Will said, as he stood to greet Charles.  “Thanks Will.  Dad and I surely appreciate all you’ve done for us since yesterday.”  “My pleasure.  What can I do for ya now?” Will asked.  “May I use your phone to place a long distance call?” Charles asked.   Will Jennings chuckled, “You Dunwells have placed more long distance calls on this phone in the last twenty four hours than I do in a month.”  “Of course you can.”  “Say, how’d your meetin’ go with your kin from over there in England?”

“Pretty well, all things considered.  Dad’s state of shock seems to have worn off a lot since last night.”  “We’re taking them home with us, we’re on the 10:15.”  Will Jennings looked at his watch, “Better hurry, old Doc Watson’s engineering today and he hates to be late.”  “Thanks, I’ll make it brief” said Charles.

“Operator, please connect me to the Charles Dunwell residence in Lake Neccudah, thank you.”  “Hello, Laura?  Yes we’re fine.  Yes Dad is fine…  Listen, Wait, Listen.  Laura, please…”  “Dad and I are in Burlington… Laura, Wait, Listen.”  “I haven’t got much time…Dad’s granddaughter and family has arrived from England and…Laura, Listen, Please.”  “Yes, granddaughter” “We’re bringing them home with us, we’ll arrive at The Lake about 6:00 P.M. on the 4:30 from Denver.  I’ll explain everything then.  I love you. I gotta go.  Yes, I have to catch the train from here.  I’ll explain later, I love you…’bye” Charles hung up the phone, a pained expression came over his face.

“God, Will, I’m going to catch Hell tonight.”  Will Jennings just rolled his eyes and laughed.

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