23 Welcome to the Mile High City

by admin on November 19, 2011

Denver station was a beehive of activity.  Trains of every description were queued up to the many platforms.  Porters were everywhere, loading or unloading baggage from arriving or departing trains.  Hundreds of passengers milled about, looking at tickets, trying to find the right platform numbers.  Arriving passengers stood next to porters, urging them to be careful with their luggage. The Binghams stood in a long line and waited for their bags to appear.

Harold watched as Charles approached a seasoned porter and pressed several bills into his hand.  Within minutes all the Bingham’s baggage appeared on the cart and was quickly directed to the Lake Neccudah Rail Road platform.  At the LNRR terminal sat a smaller, but robust locomotive with a passenger car and an observation/dining car.  The four adults, with boys in tow, approached their next train.  The porter had already loaded their bags by the time they began to board.

Samuel had turned away and headed for the locomotive.  Harold could see that Samuel and the engineer were involved in conversation.  Big grins were evident as Samuel slowly walked back to the passenger car.  “Harold, go get your boys” he said.  A slow realization came over him as he ducked into the car to retrieve his boys.  The boys came down the steps and stood at attention in front of the old gent.  “How would you like to ride with the engineer to The Lake?” he said.  Alex turned pale, Michael squealed with delight.  Alex turned to his father as if to say “Please don’t make me do this.”  Harold knew his oldest was not cut out for adventure.  He motioned for him to join his mother back in the passenger car.  Michael, on the other hand, was giddy.  He grabbed the old fellow’s hand and tugged him toward the waiting locomotive.

Samuel knew he liked this little one for a reason.  Harold followed the pair and when it was time he hoisted Michael into the waiting arms of engineer Jim Miller.  Moments later the conductor bellowed “All ‘Board.”  Harold and Samuel returned to the car and boarded the train.  On board Harold stopped and extended his hand in friendship to Samuel.  Samuel smiled knowingly and shook his hand.  No words were spoken as the men took their seats.

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