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by admin on March 31, 2013

Board of Trustees

Chuck Bingham





Mike Bingham


Jim Crick


Kevin Kerbow


Dena Bingham


Chamber of Commerce

Dana Dittmar

Executive Director

Lake Neccudah is a Statutory Town located approximately 45 miles north of Denver and 25 miles northeast of Boulder. It is served by an elected Mayor and a 4 member Board of Trustees.

Board Responsibilities:

The Board of Trustees serves as the legislative and governing body of the Town of Lake Neccudah and is responsible for establishing Town policies and goals. The Board has the authority to adopt laws, ordinances and resolutions as needed to conduct the business of the Town, and by ordinance may enter into contracts or intergovernmental agreements to furnish, receive services or to provide for cooperative service delivery.In 1989 the town, in order to serve its citizens more effectively, combined police, fire, and emergency service  departments under one administrative operation.

Veteran’s day at City Hall L N Fire Rescue

This has resulted in quicker response times and eliminated duplication of efforts.

L N Police Department

The board meets on the first Monday of every month at 8:00 P.M. at the Town Hall in the Widmark Room.  The meeting is open to the public.  Items for consideration of the Board must be submitted by noon on the previous Friday to be placed on the agenda.  No  items will be considered from the floor of the meeting.