26 Walking on Eggshells

by admin on November 26, 2011

Charles' & Laura's Residence

Samuel took the lead in introductions.  “Laura, I would like you to meet Ida Bingham and her husband Harold”  “Ida, Harold, this is Charles’ wife Laura.” A gaggle of pleasantries and smiles ensued.  “Hello.”  “How’d you do”?  “Pleased to meet you.”  “Welcome.”  Ida was the first to offer conversation.  “Charles has told us so much about you, I feel like I know you already.”  Smiling, Laura said “Well, thank you.  I’m sure Charles will fill me in on all that’s happened to you when we get home this evening.”  Charles cringed.  “Going to be an ugly night”, he thought.

“Dad, I’ve arranged for the family to stay at the Neuschwanstein tonight.” “Why don’t you and the driver take them to the hotel and let them freshen up.  Charles and I will follow along later” she said.  “Good idea Laura, thank you, he said.  “How about dinner at 8:00?” he added.   Everyone looked at one another and nodded in agreement.  With that the family climbed into the waiting car and headed for the hotel.  “They could’ve walked” thought Harold, as they were less than two blocks from the station to the hotel.  “Oh well” he mused, “Who am I to quibble?”

Charles and Laura walked to the Oldsmobile in silence.  Charles quickly walked a step ahead and held the car door open for her.  Laura took her seat and waited for Charles to enter the driver’s side.  She spoke first.  “Well, Charles, what do you have to say for yourself?”  “Laura, this has been the most bizarre set of circumstances I’ve ever witnessed” he muttered.  Slowly he pulled away from the station for the short ride to Madison Street.  He eased the big Olds into the parking space in front of their brownstone.  Exiting his side he sprinted ‘round the car and opened Laura’s door.  Extending his hand he gently assisted her from her seat.  “I really need to shower and shave” he said as they made their way to the front door.

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